Our Process

Tier One
Our focus is on increasing the overall emotional and social intelligence of individuals and teams.
We begin with a personal interview to determine the individual’s Enneagram Type.
Through hands on experiential activities, individuals will come to deeply understand their Enneagram type. They will identify the motivations, strengths and challenges of each type and learn how to leverage their strengths, making a contribution to the greater good of the team.
Team member’s skills will expand in the area of:
    •    Transparent communication
    •    Effective feedback
    •    Conflict resolution
    •    Effective electronic communication  
    •    Collective Leadership Training
1:1 Executive Coaching for selected individuals is an important component of the work in Tier One.

Tier Two
In Tier Two we shift organizations from being profit driven to values driven, through a deep transformation that can encompass the entire organization.
Values motivate our actions and behaviors. When people find meaning in their work, they naturally tap into deep levels of creativity and productivity. We have tools to help assess, measure and manage your values.
This training is based on the Seven Levels of Corporate Consciousness to support
    •    Cultural Capital
    •    Strengthen human resource capacity
    •    Develop values based leadership
These are the factors that will determine success or failure as we adapt to an ever changing business environment, and are required if you want to move your business to the next evolutionary level.