"Many thanks for the outstanding exercise you and your colleagues demonstrated at our Dean's Executive Council Retreat.  I recognize that we were a challenging audience, yet you remained professional and gracious in answering our questions and keeping the group focused.  I found the material very helpful.

I continue to get positive feedback from my team, which demonstrates the usefulness of your presentation.  Thanks again for the role you played in making this a successful event."

Will McIntosh
Dean, College of Business
University of Cincinnati


"The Enneagram training we received through Conscious Dynamics has yielded a large return on our investment!  It is so important for co-workers to understand how each other work --- the how's and why's rather than just the deadlines and daily routines.  Being able to grasp the "why" behind the action has helped us understand "how" the other person operates.  This has been a fabulous tool that we all apply, not only to each other, but also in our interactions with clients." 

The team building exercises involved in the training were exactly what we needed to strengthen the group dynamic. Trust and support are often overlooked in an office setting. We were challenged during the training to be open and honest which has lent itself to building the foundation of trust and support that is neccessary. The training helped us to see just how important these elements are, especially in such a small office as ours!

As the president and CEO of the company, I could not be more pleased about the results of this invaluable training. This experience and learning has helped us bridge gaps that were previously serving as barriers to our full success. When there are gaps of trust, support, cooperation, and understanding, the team is not operating at its full capacity. Being from the business world, I know that this means lack of productivity and efficiency as well. We are truly a well-oiled machine these days.

Our hats are off to you and your team. Thank you again for all that you have done to help grow us as individuals and as a team."

Mackey McNeill, CPA, PFS, IAR
President and CEO