Mission and Vision

Our focus is on increasing the overall emotional/social intelligence of individuals and teams. Our core competencies lie in team building, transparent communication, conflict resolution, change management, innovation and leadership.

Conscious Dynamics has revolutionized the way employees are viewed and how companies plan for the future. We use the Enneagram, a personality typing system, as the foundational tool for our work. The Enneagram allows individuals to identify their core personality type. It gives them insight into their own assets and liabilities as well as their team members. With this awareness, people are able to identify their roadblocks and gifts and can shift patterns when necessary, to promote greater team cohesiveness and individual growth. Bold companies understand the importance of an innovative approach to the management of their most powerful resource, their employees. CD has the power to strongly leverage employees, for a greater return on investment through enhanced productivity, resulting in increased profitability.

In addition to the Enneagram, Conscious Dynamics also utilizes a system that has been created by Dr. Ooten, CEO, which pairs the Enneagram and levels of consciousness. This enables the team to understand how different “cultures, teams and individuals” create their world from evolving and emerging levels of values and core competencies