Master Enneagram Emersion

Master Enneagram Emersion is an in-depth and intensive practicum that will give you the ability to broadly apply the wisdom of the Enneagram system in both your personal and professional life.

Through this training:

  • Gain deeper self awareness
  • Use your knowledge of the Enneagram to manage your team most effectively
  • Attain greater ability to communicate, resolve conflict, give feedback, and structure teams in a way that leverages the assets of the individuals for the greater good of the organization
  • Learn how to conduct Enneagram Typing Interviews to assist others in determining their Enneagram Type
  • Acquire resources and tools to assist in onboarding new team members or employees with Enneagram training

This training takes place in a very small and intimate group setting of 8 people or less, who are personally chosen to create the most dynamic group. Trainings are customized to focus on the individual experience of the members and their needs for personal application of the work to their life.

Although many participate to enhance their own personal or spiritual development, most want to apply it to their business. We have participants from large and small corporations  business coaches, HR personnel, teachers, therapists, counselors, social workers, and entrepreneurs.  Master Enneagram Emersion is 4 full days, held one day a week for 4 weeks. This format allows time for processing and application of the material learned throughout the training, which is imperative to the overall process. Since the groups are small, we are able to customize the schedule when needed. Cost is $2000.00 inclusive of food and beverage.

Contact Deborah Ooten for more details.